Disclaimer ** We have not received any payment of money or product for this review. We purchased product and have not been asked to review. The opinions stated in this post are our own. Review of Body butter by¬†Nature Bare Body Care¬†product hydrating body butter. I have been searching for a conscious company that was…Continue Reading “Body Butter with all the goods at a price that won’t break your bank.”

February 21st marks the five year anniversary of my Thyroid removal, but not the end of the saga I thought it would be five years ago. I was diagnosed with Graves disease (over active thyroid) and Thyroid eye disease in October of 2011 after years of Panic attacks, weight loss, and feeling like I lived…Continue Reading “Learning to find “normal” My internal struggle living with an auto immune disease.”

Vegan Jalapeno Spinach Dip (easily gluten free) I was craving all the flavor of a Jalapeno popper without having to stuff, batter and fry peppers. This ooey, gooey, spicy dip with all the necessary flavors was enough to bring back memories of our non-vegan days without the accompanied stomach ache. This dish is completely Vegan,…Continue Reading “Vegan Jalapeno Spinach Dip (easily gluten free)”