In our eyes, we are a very typical family. Dad, Mom, a girl and a boy. just your standard Americans. With the same day-to-day drama as most people. Dirty diapers, bath times and nightly game of RISK. However, to some we may seem outside of the box, An Atypical family. We are working our way towards some pretty fantastic goals and we hope to inspire, encourage and show that living outside of societies norms isn’t such a scary thing at all. We are motivated to find financial freedom in our near future and become debt free. We choose to eat a Vegan diet, to work towards becoming minimalists and find health, physically, mentally and with our relationships.

Here on our blog you will find plant-based Recipes, How to craft and sewing tutorials, some real nitty-gritty financial posts as we get real about kicking our debt. As well as our own take on becoming minimalists with 2 small kids.

So join us on this journey, real life flawed individuals finding our happy place while eating great food, making fun memories and hopefully finding our tribe.