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I have found the perfect minimalist diaper bag and I want to share it with you! A diaper bag is the type of “looks great on the hanger ; not on me” purchase. I have struggled with finding function and size in the right proportion for my needs.
When I was pregnant with Oliver and a two year old Lucy in toe I was sure that I needed the largest bag made, So that is exactly what i did and it occurred to me, that no matter the size of the bag , i would find things to fill it with. So here I am with a newborn and a toddler carrying my entire nursery is a cross body duffel bag. It was awful! I needed a switch. So here is what I did.
I put an “emergency bag” in my trunk. With changes of clothes, extra diapers, and a blanket. It has only items I am not sure to need but if I do need them I better have ’em! In addition I now carry this beautiful logan and lenora hobo bag, filled with diapers ,wipes, a swaddle, snacks, and anything specific I may need for the day. It is lightweight and so cute that I can wear it as a purse and no one would notice! ( I love a multi purpose item!).
This bag is completely water proof and has a detachable strap that i can hook around any shopping cart or seat at a restaurant to keep it where i want it! My favorite thing about this bag is that I am able to avoid my urge to stuff everything in it because I can. No more Marry Poppins bag for me!
If you are in the market for a new bag and looking to slim down your daily carry all. I would highly recommend this bag! Not only is the fabric beautiful, the tassel is made of vegan leather and they are made in Colorado! You really can not go wrong!
I have not been asked to review or given any payment or product for doing so. I purchased this product and love it so much I had to share.

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