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There are so many millions of blogs out there who have probably said everything I want to say and better, So why start a blog now, why me. The simple answer is for myself, but the longer answer is that I feel like my little family is on to something and I want to shout it from the roof tops. I feel like we are on the approachable spectrum, working our way towards weird and unattainable. You read a story about a lady who is a total bad ass and just left her cute little house to travel with her family in a trailer and her husband was able to quit his job, and you think, God how i would love to have her life but i… (insert bogus reason why it is too hard). Now here is what I hope to show! (hey i followed her journey when she was overweight, broke and had so far to go, now look at her) I HOPE!!

I have a voice for those of you who have ever felt betrayed by your own bodies, for moms who are saying out loud how important motherhood is, but inside wondering if your kid would learn better in day care, or if your husband really doesn’t mind that you didn’t have time to shower today. I hope to show that living a cruelty free life is awesome and so easy and you can still have tacos and chocolate cake.

I once heard a concept that really strikes a chord with my heart and my path. When you are younger your parents say “if Tommy jumped off a bridge would you jump to!?” “be your own person, don’t give into peer pressure.” and some how when you get to a certain age the script flips and out of no where “Tommy has two kids, when are you having kids?” and “You are almost 30, don’t you think you should buy a house, it’s the next step.” become the norm, and I don’t buy it. I want to question everything, the way that I live should make my heart happy for my own reasons and yours should too.

Do something today that makes you happy.

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